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Getting Underway

Getting Underway

As I sit crossing Lake Michigan on the SS Badger I try to take in all that is around me. The size of this ship and the many crew members that make it possible to travel across Lake Michigan. While this ship is certainly not the largest of the many vessels transiting the Great Lakes, it helps give me a small glimpse into life on a floating steel machine.

I have sat through so many dinners and conversations where my husband tells several tales of his journey as a Mate and now Captain working for Great Lakes Fleet. My mind usually drifts on to other things as he spoke, since I have heard the same story a hundred times over, but now I watch the faces of the individuals he speaks with as there is so much wonder and excitement in their eyes. Always reaching from their bank of follow up questions to know more and more about this industry that is so rare and isolated to many. 

There is such a rich maritime history around the Great Lakes and so many stories to share whether you have been a part of it yourself or have known someone that sailed the Great Lakes. This blog is an opportunity to share and connect with others that have a relationship to the lakes or are just passionate about the ships that call it their home. So share your story and let’s set sail on an adventure sure to be extraordinary.